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The Salvadori Center provides professional development services to teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and teacher leaders serving students in grades K-12.

All Salvadori professional development offerings have the same overarching goal: to build the capacity of teachers, principals, and coaches to design and implement high-quality project-based curricula with a STEAM focus.

The Salvadori Center offers three types of professional development:

Kathleen Grimm Memorial Professional Development Institute ~ July 6th & 7th, 2017

At our annual Kathleen Grimm Memorial Teacher Training Institute, educators will acquire the skills to incorporate project-based learning into their own classrooms. The structure of the 2-day program will pulse between small group work and the entire group sharing expertise, creating a lively atmosphere that promotes in-depth learning. Using New York City’s iconic architecture as a backdrop, participants will review project-based pedagogies that can enhance students’ critical thinking and collaboration skills for college and career-readiness ~ preparing them for the 21st century workforce.

The Institute will take place on July 6th & 7th, 2017. All participants will receive a certificate of completion and 12 hours of professional development training. Salvadori is accepting scholarship applications from eligible teachers until May 31st at 5 p.m. Salvadori will award 10 full and 5 partial scholarships, and will make funding decisions based on schools’ financial need and the applicants’ personal statement included in the online application form. Full-priced registration is available for $350 for individuals who do not require a scholarship. Fill out your application today!

How to Apply

For a scholarship: We are accepting applications from New York City teachers to attend our upcoming Kathleen Grimm Memorial Teacher Training Institute. Salvadori is accepting scholarship applications from eligible New York City teachers until May 31st at 5 p.m. Salvadori will award 10 full and 5 partial scholarships, and will make funding decisions based on schools’ financial need and the applicants’ personal statement included in the online application form. Click here to apply for a scholarship!

Full-priced registration: Registration is available for $350 per educator. Salvadori has 25 spaces available for the Institute. Click here to fill out your application today!

After-School Professional Development Program (ASPDP)

Through our partnership with the NYC DOE’s After-School Professional Development Program, Salvadori offers graduate-level courses designed for teachers seeking professional development related to the integration of math, science, and the built environment.

This immersive professional development program uses the built environment as a means of providing teachers with concrete and practical methods to improve the teaching of STEM concepts. Participants spend five full days in class – complemented by an online component – unlocking the math embedded in bridges, skyscrapers, and other structures in our built world.

Using math concepts drawn from the Common Core Standards, participants engage in architecture and engineering activities and develop methods for applying them in their classrooms. Teachers develop curricula and methods to engage and support all students in learning by connecting students’ prior knowledge, life experience, and local interests with learning goals, while planning and implementing activities that promote self-directed learning, teamwork, choice, problem-solving, and civic engagement. This course model allows teachers to deeply explore methods of engaging students in learning, planning, and implementation of interdisciplinary project-based lessons; integrating assessment into learning experiences; and reflecting on their own and their colleagues’ practices.

To be eligible for NYC DOE P-credits for these courses, participants must register and pay an ASPDP fee directly through ASPDP. Participants must visit to complete the registration, where participants can either create an account or log on to their existing ASPDP account, then choose the “Enroll & Pay for Courses” link. Any participant who does not complete this enrollment process on the ASPDP website by the registration close date will not be eligible for P-credits. Please email ASPDP at should you need more information.

ASPDP Survey Analysis

Based on pre- and post-surveys administered in ASPDP courses provided by the Salvadori Center in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, participants in these courses clearly increase both their content knowledge and confidence in their ability to apply relevant pedagogical skills.

You can download the complete reports here:

Read the ASPDP 2014 Survey Analysis

“This class has been extremely influential in making me a better, more rigorous teacher.”
~ASPDP Course 2 Participant

School-Based Professional Development

These offerings are customized to the needs of the school and can provide anywhere between 2 hours and 12 hours of professional development. For example, at one partner school we are providing a 2.5-hour refresher course that builds upon the work already being done around Project-Based Learning at that site. In particular, this session will focus on showing teachers how they can go about designing a hands-on, collaborative project that still incorporates a particular science or STEM topic.

Discounts available for multiple sessions and larger groups.

For inquiries and bookings, contact

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