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“I learned to teach content and standards through activities-based lessons, to enhance curriculum with materials and objects, and to give students the opportunity to learn by doing.” -Teacher from PS 52, Queens

The Salvadori Center offers a variety of programs outside traditional school hours. Our most popular after school programs deliver 12 weeks of hands-on, project-based learning. Each 90 minute session uses the built environment – bridges, skyscrapers, landmarks, skate parks, and more – to bring math and science to life. Salvadori also provides a variety of family programs at cultural institutions throughout the City. Join our mailing list to receive news and updates.

Download our complete program flyer HERE

Salvadori After-School

  • A 12-week after-school program, 90-minute sessions
  • Typically serves one class of 20-25 students; 360-450 student impact hours/program
  • Salvadori underwrites $20,240 of the total program cost of $27,500
  • Cost/residency to schools or organizations: $7,260
  • Topics:
    • Skyscrapers, Skateparks or Bridges (all topics: grades 4-8)
    • Building Green (grades 6-9)
    • My Community (grades K-2)

Salvadori: Staten Island

Through the generous support of The Pinkerton Foundation, the Salvadori Center is able to provide (2) 12-week programs to (4) after-school sites in Staten Island. The sites were chosen after a competitive application process. The winning sites were:

  • JCC at IS 49 Beacon
  • JCC Cornerstone at Todt Hill
  • PAL at Port Richmond Center
  • United Activities Limited at South Beach Cornerstone

Salvadori: Staten Island programs show students the relevance of math and science through collaborative, hands-on, project-based STEM activities. Students will work on our Bridges program in the fall 2016 and Skateparks in spring 2017.

Salvadori Condensed

Fill the final weeks at the end of the year with an exciting program! Instead of successive weeks, programs are condensed into successive days.

Available Programs (all curricula offered):

  • 8-session Starter Program
  • 12-session After-School Program
  • 12-session Enrichment Programs
  • 2-Day Salvadori Paper Bridges

Salvadori À La Carte

For $500 per class, you can experience either of these stand-alone classes:

  • 1 hour Brooklyn Bridge Scavenger Hunt (max 20 students/class)
  • 1 Paper Bridges Family Workshop (max 30 people/class)
  • Career Day with a Professional Architect or Engineer (max 4 classes/day)

You can download our complete program flyer HERE

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