We’re growing again & need more Educators!

Posted: Oct 13 2017
youtube logoWe did hire Educators a few months ago, but we’re growing again and need 5 to 6 Part-Time Educators to help us deliver more programs! Part-Time Educators: teach on Fridays in our After-School program; be paid for training, program prep, and instruction; start teaching programs between 2:30pm and 3:30pm and finish between 5:00pm and 6:00pm; work a minimum of 2.5 hours per week, possibly more. If you studied architecture, engineering, urban design, or any built environment field, love to teach, and would like to share your passion with K-12 students across New York City, consider applying: Salvadori Part-Time Educator Application

Apply To Be Salvadori’s Education Director

Posted: Jun 10 2017
youtube logoThe Salvadori Center seeks an Education Director to implement and oversee Salvadori’s educational programming ~ including in-school, after-school, and professional development programs, as well as family and community workshops. The successful candidate will be a team player, an organized and effective manager with strong creative and critical thinking skills. Click here to view the application. Position has been filled!

Competitive Application for FREE After-school STEM Programs!

Posted: Jun 07 2017
Due to a generous grant from The Pinkerton Foundation the Salvadori Center is able to provide dynamic, collaborative, project-based programs FREE of charge to New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) community centers across all 5 boroughs of New York City. Participating students will develop vital 21st skills ~ collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. As they explore how the built environment ~ buildings, bridges, and skateparks, etc. ~ they see how math and science are a part of their lives. The application is short and simple: click here to view the application. Application deadline: 5:00 PM on Friday, 11 August 2017.

Apply To Be a Salvadori Educator

Posted: May 02 2017
youtube logoDo you have a passion for teaching? The Salvadori Center seeks a full time educator to facilitate instruction of our programs here in New York City. Those with teaching experience or a background in architecture or engineering is not required, but preferred. A passion for teaching our subject matter is required. Click here for more information. All full-time positions have been filled! For more info on the new part-time positions, see above.

Thank You!

Posted: May 02 2017
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Salvadori’s Annual Cocktail Benefit!

Need a Summer STEM Program?

Posted: Apr 20 2017
Salvadori Summer programs start 11 July 2017 and go through 18 August 2017. The deadline to reserve a program is Friday, 16 June 2017. Book today! Salvadori Summer programs are (12) 90-minute sessions, offered 2x a week for (6) weeks, typically serve 20-25 students, and cost $7,260. Discounts are available for multiple classes. To view program topics, see our 2016-2017 Program Flyer.


Join Us for the Kathleen Grimm Memorial Professional Development Institute

Posted: Apr 11 2017
On July 6th & 7th 2017, at our annual Kathleen Grimm Memorial Teacher Training Institute, educators will acquire the skills to incorporate project-based learning into their own classrooms. The structure of the 2-day program will pulse between small group work and the entire group sharing expertise, creating a lively atmosphere that promotes in-depth learning. Using New York City’s iconic architecture as a backdrop, participants will review project-based pedagogies that can enhance students’ critical thinking and collaboration skills for college and career-readiness ~ preparing them for the 21st century workforce. Click here to apply for a scholarship, and click here for full-priced registration.

Salvadori’s Annual Cocktail Benefit

Posted: Mar 16 2017
Save the Date: Salvadori’s Annual Cocktail Benefit will be held at The High Line Hotel on May 1, 2017. Click here for more information.

Salvadori Board Member, Nat Oppenheimer, Lectures About Silman

Posted: Feb 06 2017
Each year The Architectural League’s Current Work series features significant international figures who powerfully influence contemporary architectural practice and shape the future of the built environment. Structural engineer Nat Oppenheimer of Silman will present his work in a public lecture. Click here for more information.

Salvadori’s 2015-2016 Annual Report

Posted: Feb 01 2017
Salvadori’s 2015-2016 Annual Report is now available! Click here to view the full report.

Salvadori Assessment

Posted: Jan 27 2017
Results are in…Salvadori works! Independent assessment provides evidence that Salvadori curricula support several national math and science learning standards. Click here to see a summary.

Salvadori: Staten Island Featured on NY1

Posted: Dec 13 2016
NY1 featured Salvadori’s work at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)’s Todt Hill Houses on Staten Island ~ a renewed program funded by The Pinkerton Foundation! Click here to see the feature.

Salvadori Is Looking for Educators!

Posted: Sept 27 2016
youtube logoDo you have a passion for teaching? The Salvadori Center seeks a full time educator to facilitate instruction of our programs here in New York City. Those with teaching experience or a background in architecture or engineering is not required, but preferred. A passion for teaching our subject matter is required. Click here for more information about the position.

NYSCA Spotlight on Salvadori for National #ArtEdWeek

Posted: Sept 14 2016
ps-452-6For #artsedweek, NYSCA asked some of its Arts Education Program grantees to talk about how they bring literature, music, visual art, architecture, theater, film, or dance to students throughout the state. Check out their spotlight on Salvadori here.

Salvadori Board Member Charles Murphy to Be Honored at Transportation & Construction Breakfast

Posted: Aug 11 2016
40th TC BreakfastSalvadori Board Member, Charles Murphy, will be honored at the March of Dimes 40th Anniversary Transportation & Construction Breakfast at the New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, September 8th! For more information, you can visit the event’s website: You can also click here to download the event invite and click here for the registration form.

Salvadori: Staten Island

Posted: Jul 14 2016
Square logoThrough the generous support of the Pinkerton Foundation, the Salvadori Center is able to provide (2) 12-week after-school programs to (4) New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) sites on Staten Island. As noted above, Salvadori: Staten Island programs show students the relevance of math and science through collaborative, hands-on, project-based STEM activities. Click here to download the competitive application for FREE after-school STEM programs.

Salvadori Featured in UFT

Posted: Jun 07 2016
steam-subjects-and-early-learners-jmm_0009_po247ps132k Did you know that elementary education is actually the ideal time to introduce students to STEM? Click here to read more about how Salvadori helps facilitate this.

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