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In an effort to help you serve your students throughout this crisis, we have developed a series of FREE project-based STEAM lessons you can give to your students.

Our approach is simple ~ every week throughout the crisis, we will provide you with free:

  • Lesson plans with teacher guides
  • Student instructions and worksheets
  • Lists of common materials often found at home to complete projects
  • And a design challenge to apply new concepts

Just like our in-school and after-school programs, the students learn through a project-based approach. They apply new knowledge to a real-world challenge. And ~ depending on your school’s remote learning resources ~ they share ideas, thoughts, and discuss their solutions with the entire class.

Please give us feedback and let us know if the resources are useful and if there is something else we might be able to do to help you.

If you can, include us in your on-line or social media discussion so we can learn, improve, and better serve you.

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Lesson 1: Understanding Earthquakes


Lesson 2: Understanding Skyscrapers


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