2020 Annual Appeal

Salvadori’s 2020 Annual Appeal is in two sections:

In addition to providing in-person programs in New York City and Northeastern Pennsylvania, Salvadori can now provide remote/online programs anywhere in the country and select countries around the world.

All donations are gratefully accepted!

1. Corporate sponsorships and large individual gifts

To sponsor, or make a large gift, please go to our sponsorship page.
$16,500 – Provides (2) 8-week Salvadori Starter programs for 260 students
$14,520 – Delivers (2) 12-session after-school programs to under-resourced students
$9,350 – Supports (44) 8-lesson Salvadori in a Box kits for up to 132 students
$8,250 – Provides a (1) semester Salvadori Starter program for up to 132 students
$5,000 – Supports teachers in our professional learning workshops
$2,475 – Supports (1) semester of Salvadori in a Box – a hands-on class for 33 students


2. Individual donation with a targeted impact

To give an individual donation, please go to our donation page.
$1,500 – Supports Salvadori’s FREE STEAM educational programming on WNET THIRTEEN
$1,000 – Recoups the cost of tech equipment needed for remote/online learning
$500 – Helps sponsor a field trip for (30) students
$225 – Supports (1) teacher in Salvadori’s professional learning (awards CTLE credits)
$100 – Buys (4) copies of Paper Bridges for students living in NYC shelters
$50 – Buys (2) copies of Math Games for Middle School for students in NYC shelters

The Salvadori Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered with New York State; as such, your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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