Classifying Bridges

Classifying Bridges

Posted: Feb 5 2019

Did you know that New York City has over 2,000 bridges? Bridges are important structures because they allow vehicles, animals, trains or other things to cross over something such as a river, road or a railroad. There are many different types of bridges, including arch bridges, suspension bridges, and truss bridges. Keep reading to see some examples below:

Arch Bridge
The High Bridge is an arch bridge, a bridge whose span curves in the shape of an arch. Currently, it is the oldest standing bridge in NYC. The High Bridge was originally opened in 1848 and spans over the Harlem River between Manhattan and the Bronx.

High Bridge, NYC

Suspension Bridge
The George Washington Bridge, commonly known as the GWB, spans the Hudson River, connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. As of 2016, it’s the busiest motor vehicle bridge, carrying over one hundred million vehicles per year. A suspension bridge has its roadway suspended from two or more cables usually passing over towers and securely anchored at the ends.

George Washington Bridge, NYC

Truss Bridge
Another type of bridge, a truss bridge, is a supporting structure consisting of a network of beams in a series of triangular units. The East 174th Street Bridge is a truss bridge that crosses the Bronx River and connects West Farms and Parkchester in the Bronx.

East 174th St Bridge, NYC

The next time you see a bridge, see if you can identify what kind it is!

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